My name is John Lyons, I have been collecting classic,vintage and antique cars and trucks since I was 15 years old. Today I still enjoy some of my first cars that I acquired when I was in my teens! I am not a used car dealer, however, I still purchase and collect vintage, old classic antique collector cars, motorcycles and trucks. If you have a special car thats been in your family for years, but can't bring yourself to part with it because you don't want it to go to some dealer who won't cherish it and love it the way your family member did, then worry no more.  I love cars! If it's a car that I like or want in my collection, I will provide you with a prompt cash quote for your car(s). I prefer to purchase old cars from family estates that may need repairs or those that have already been restored.  I love to find cars in barns or cars that have been sitting in garages that haven't been driven in years.  I like project cars and love to work on them to get them running and restore them in my free time. If you have a something special or know of anyone needing or wanting to sell such a car, I will gladly pay a finders fee for providing the lead information if the car something that I feel is special to me and I end up buying.  

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